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Access thousands of qualified job seekers

Recruit and Hire Distinguished Talent at Scale


Our Process

1: Discovery

Schedule a hiring consultation with our team to begin. Our team will assess your hiring needs and understand your company's role requirements and culture, helping to attract distinguished candidates for each position.

3: Screening & Interviews

Our recruiters will conduct custom screenings and develop tailored assessments to match candidates with your company's culture. After screening, we recommend candidates for interviews and schedule the calls to streamline the hiring process. 

4: Placement

 Our team sources, screens, and schedules interviews continuously until your hiring needs are met, allowing you to focus on running your business. We supply talented professionals who make a long-term impact.

2: Tailored Search 

We use top AI technology, extensive candidate networks, and years of expertise to quickly find and match pre-qualified, actively seeking candidates with your hiring needs. Our candidates share their job preferences upfront, allowing us to identify those truly interested in long-term positions.

Our recruiting team manages the entire candidate search for clients, from drafting job descriptions and marketing opportunities to sourcing through professional and educational channels. We handle candidate screening, interview scheduling, and fill all open positions.


Our team tailors its search strategy to attract and recruit distinguished talent, customizing screenings to meet your firm's behavioral and technical requirements. Our in-house Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and extensive network of recruiters and job seekers streamline the process.

Customized Solutions

Our team continuously engages thousands of job seekers in finance, consulting, and technology through our staffing, interview prep, and coaching networks, ensuring direct access to highly skilled professionals.

Extensive Network

All candidate sourcing and screening data is shared with the client in real time throughout the search through our in-house Applicant Tracking System. Our team also provides full time customer support and screening calls are recorded.

Quality Assurance

Our team operates on a success-based, per-hire fee without retainers to help clients stay within budget. We also offer flexible financing, billing plans, and a placement fee cap to ensure a high return on investment for long-term collaboration.

Success-Based & Flexible Billing

If a hire made by Augment is not employed at your company for 90 Days, Augment is obligated to find a replacement candidate at no additional cost to your company.

90 Day Hiring Warranty

What Sets Us Apart


Contact us

Augment Talent is a comprehensive service that handles your entire recruiting process for open positions for you. Our team conducts the candidate sourcing, qualification screening, and interview scheduling for a fully done-for-you experience. 

Schedule a hiring consultation to speak directly with our team or fill out the form for us to connect with you.

Phone: 415-649-5144


Augment Talent

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