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  • Who are your coaches?
    Augment Jobs coaches are full-time employees at trusted financial services, technology, and consulting firms. Every coach has successfully interviewed at a trusted firm and can speak to the culture of their firm as well as the hiring process.
  • Can I choose my coach?
    Augment Jobs takes into account client preferences when selecting a career coach for its clients. Based on the clients job search needs, Augment Jobs selects a coach that best fits the criteria. In the event that the search is specific or niche, Augment Jobs can source a coach to ensure the client's needs are met.
  • Can I have multiple coaches?
    Yes, if you are going for multiple types of roles, we encourage having multiple coaches and can match you to multiple coaches.
  • What is covered in these sessions?
    Clients are able to ask their coach anything and use it for networking purposes. We strongly encourage our clients to connect with our coaches at a personal level to establish long-term relationships. Coaches help with interview preparation, take home projects, networking, and giving references. Be transparent about your career goals and our coaches are able to help you achieve them.
  • What is the average salary I can expect?
    Augment Jobs focuses on finance, consulting, and technology roles and the average salary is over $120,000 annually.
  • How long does it take to land a job?
    On average, it takes 3-6 months to land a competitive job in finance or technology. We have a 3 month and 6 month job guarantee for our premium and standard packages respectively.
  • How does Job Application Submissions work?
    Augment Jobs sources roles that meet the client criteria and ques the opportunities for the client to review. The client has an opportunity to approve or decline the role, and Augment Jobs only applies to job opportunities that are approved by the client. Augment Jobs custom tailors the cover letter where its required.
  • Do you track interviews?
    Augment Jobs tracks interviews on the platform to discern how effective the submissions are and to help coordinate networking or interview prep opportunities.
  • Can I pay after I get a job?
    Augment Jobs offers up to 2 year financing to help with accessibility for those that wish to pay mostly after they are employed. For top candidates who qualify for financing opportunities, we are able to waive the first monthly payment to get started on the platform for free upfront.
  • Can I cancel the service?
    There is a 3-month minimum commitment for every engagement. After this period, the service can be canceled, paused, or discontinued at any time at the discretion of the client. The client is financially responsible for the services rendered in addition to 50% of the unused services at the time of cancellation. A refund of the remaining balance owed to the client will be issued within 90 days of the cancellation.
  • What is the Job Guarantee?
    The Job Guarantee gives clients a 50% site credit on job application submissions and networking sessions in the rare event they do not receive an employment opportunity in the allotted timeframe. Note that clients must procure all services in the package in order to receive the site credit. This helps to ensure client results.
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