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Connor Bruno
Senior Analyst

Connor Bruno is a Senior Analyst at Goldman Sachs. He is experienced in Loan Underwriting and General Management with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry. He is skilled in Mandarin, Microsoft Excel, Data Analysis, Microsoft Word, and Public Speaking. He is a community and social services focused professional committed to helping others wh have a passion for finance and dirving positive impact in their communities. 

Chinonso Anuebunwa, MD

Chinonso Anuebunwa, MD, has a robust background in healthcare strategy consulting, product management, and education. Holding an MD from UCLA's David Geffen School of Medicine and a BS in Behavioral Neuroscience with minors in Math and Psychology from Purdue University, Dr. Anuebunwa has carved a unique niche by combining his medical expertise with strategic business acumen. His career highlights include impactful roles at Boston Consulting Group and Asurion.

Nihar Ullal
Product Manager

 Nihar Ullal  works at Bain & Company as a Product Manager and has a strong foundation in consulting from his tenure at KPMG, focusing on strategy and deal analytics. He adeptly processed financial transactional data into actionable reports and insights for buy-side and sell-side deals. With a background in sports betting and fantasy football analytics, Nihar is currently pursuing his part-time Masters in Analytics at Georgia Tech while contributing full-time at Bain.

Ethan Tsea
Investment Banker

Ethan Tsea is currently a Senior Analyst in the Biopharma Group at Evercore in Menlo Park. Recently, he has been offered a fast-track pathway to early Associate. Throughout his college years, Ethan was actively involved in numerous business clubs and completed multiple investment banking internships at Capital Clarity and Canaccord Genuity. With his extensive experience and dedication, Ethan is confident in his ability to help students achieve their personal goals in the field of finance.

Blossom Ogunyika

Blossom Ogunyinka is a seasoned Management Consultant at Accenture with over five years of experience across finance, state governments, telecommunications, and pharmaceuticals. She excels in change management, project management, communications, and strategic planning, helping clients achieve sustainable growth and operational efficiency. Known for her exceptional interpersonal skills and collaborative approach, Blossom ensures alignment and engagement throughout the consulting process, consistently delivering successful and sustainable outcomes.

Featured Network Members

What You Get

The network is made up of professionals with extensive experience in their fields, including investment banking, hedge funds, private equity, software development, data science, management consulting, and more. These members have a deep understanding of industry trends, best practices, and career pathways.

Comprehensive Career Assistance

Through mock interviews, feedback sessions, and insights into common interview questions, network members help candidates build confidence and improve their performance during interviews.

Interview Preparation & Feedback

Members can connect candidates with job openings in their companies or recommend them to key decision-makers in their networks, enhancing their chances of securing interviews. The network can offer professional references, providing candidates with credible endorsements from respected industry experts.

References & Referrals

Members of the network are dedicated to helping others succeed. They offer mentorship, guidance, and practical advice to job-seeking candidates, creating a supportive environment that fosters growth and learning. Some of our members have offered pro bono mentorship to students coming from low-income backgrounds.

Community & Partnership

The professionals in this network are associated with some of the most prestigious and influential companies in their industries, ranging from top investment banks to leading technology firms and prominent consulting organizations. This gives candidates a unique advantage when exploring career opportunities and building valuable relationships.

Access to Influential Companies

The network facilitates introductions to key contacts within companies, allowing candidates to gain a better understanding of company culture and expectations. Clients are also able to look up thousands of verified full-time industry  professionals through the platform 

Company Introductions

Our dedicated team submits hundreds of  job applications, sends thousands of emails, sends thousands of LinkedIn messages, submits the client job preferences and resume to dozens of employment agies to secure interviews for our clients.

Automatic Job Interviews

When clients begin an engagement with Augment Jobs, their profiles are shared directly with the relevant staffing agencies to accelerate their searches and give access to private opportunities.

Exclusive Opportunities

We have a network of over 300 recruiters, full-time industry professionals, and employers on the staffing platform. The Augment network is continuously growing and clients benefit from company introductions, company referrals, and interview prep.

Extensive Network

Clients can approve job submissions, track interviews, and pause or cancel the service if a job is secured outside the platform. Augment Jobs offers full-time customer support, accessible by appointment or direct messaging.

Quality Assurance & Customer Support

Augment Jobs offers customers 1-2 year financing plans and subscriptions to make the services more accessible to people of all financial backgrounds. Most of what clients pay is after employment is obtained.

Flexible Billing

Client outcomes are a top priority at Augment Jobs. Augment Jobs continues to work for free  if the client does not receive a qualified job offer in the allotted time of the guarantee. 

Job Guarantee

What Sets Us Apart

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Augment Jobs is a comprehensive solution that handles job applications for you, securing interviews by submitting hundreds of applications on your behalf. It also provides access to professionals for interview preparation and company referrals to get you hired quickly.

Schedule a career consultation to speak directly with our recruiting team or fill out the form for us to connect with you.

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