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Career Starter



The Career Starter Package from Augment Jobs is the perfect launchpad for your job search, designed to swiftly set you on the path to your next great opportunity. This package is particularly suited for professionals who are well-qualified and already in the interview stage of their job search. While it doesn't come with a job guarantee, it significantly enhances your job search efficiency by streamlining the process, granting you full access to our comprehensive platform and its wealth of opportunities. Embrace a smarter way to navigate your career journey with the Career Starter Package.

The Career Starter Package includes:

  • 8 One-on-One Networking & Interview Prep Sessions
    • 1x1 calls (30-minute calls) with full time professionals in sectors/industries of choice. Augment Jobs has 100+ coaches in the network and mixing and matching professionals are encouraged. These professionals can help you network at multiple companies by introducing you to other professionals and/or giving a direct referral to improve interview opportunities. They are able to help candidates with interview prep in their specific sector as well.
  • Candidate Staffing Registration
    • Augment Jobs submits your resume, job preferences and contact information to dozens of employment agencies to accelerate your job search and land you more interviews at active hiring mandates.
  • ATS-Optimized Resume Revision
    • Augment Jobs reviews the resume, checks it against our internal ATS, and corrects the resume. The resume is available in Word and PDF format for future edits and is uploaded to the Augment Jobs Platform.
  • Personalized Job Board Access
    • ​Augment Jobs recommends jobs to you based on your preferences, provides a job tracker, and provides an interaction log to keep track of each recruiting process our clients undergo. This continuously updates as new jobs enter our staffing platform.
  • Practice Interview Software Access 
    • Choose from over 120 different job positions and a wide variety of options to custom-tailor an interview for your exact needs. The algorithm generates a new interview every time using curated questions from industry professionals. There are over 10,000 practice questions and a course on how to ace professional interviews.


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