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Custom Career



Build your own Custom Career Package to accelerate your job search with Augment Jobs. All Custom Career Packages come with an a Professional Resume Review Revision, LinkedIn Profile Optimization, Recruiting Database Registration, and Exclusive Job Board Access, AI Practice Software Access, Unlimited AI Resume and Cover Letter Software Revisions, Interview and Job Tracker, Dynamic Job and Coach Matching, Visa Sponsorship Tracker, and Customer Support on the platform. 1,000 Verfied Industry Contacts are included with each month of Networking Outreach Automation.



Networking & Interview Prep Sessions

  • One-on-One Calls: Schedule 30-minute calls with professionals in your chosen sectors.
  • Extensive Network: Mix and match with 200+ coaches to find the right fit.
  • Direct Referrals: Professionals can introduce you to others in the industry or provide direct referrals.
  • Interview Preparation: Sector-specific interview preparation to enhance your chances.


Job Application Automation (One-time Setup)

  • Automatic Applications: Applies daily to relevant job postings based on your criteria.
  • Enhanced Outreach: Sends personalized emails to recruiters with customizable templates.
  • CV Optimization: Maximizes employer responses with AI-driven improvements.
  • Comprehensive Dashboard: Tracks application statistics and email engagement, saving you time and increasing visibility.


Networking Automation (One-time Setup)

  • LinkedIn Outreach: Automate up to 750 personalized messages per month, with tailored messaging and strategic follow-ups.

  • Email Outreach: Send up to 2,500 customized emails per month with intelligent scheduling and automated follow-ups


Professional Resume Revision

  • ATS-Optimized Resume Revision: Augment Jobs revises your resume to be ATS-friendly, ensuring it meets internal standards.

  • Formats Available: The revised resume is available in Word and PDF formats.

  • Platform Upload: Your resume is uploaded to the Augment Jobs Platform for easy access and distribution.


LinkedIn Profile Optimization

  • Boost your career prospects with our powerful LinkedIn Profile Optimization tool. Tailored keywords, compelling summaries, and expert advice—all designed to make your profile shine. Stand out today and attract the opportunities you deserve.


Recruiting Database Registration

  • Boosted Exposure: Your resume, job preferences, and contact information are submitted to multiple employment agencies.

  • Increased Opportunities: Enhance your job search visibility and increase your chances of securing interviews.


Dynamic Job and Coach Matching

  • Augment Jobs dynamically recommends job opportunities and professionals tailored to your preferences and application history. Our system continuously updates with new listings and candidates, ensuring you always have access to the latest opportunities and coaching talent on our staffing platform.


Exclusive Job Board Access

  • Curated Listings: Gain exclusive access to a premier job board featuring curated listings from top employers in various industries.

  • Early Access: Enjoy early access to sought-after positions to accelerate your career growth.


Unlimited AI Resume & Cover Letter Software Revisions

  • Advanced Machine Learning: Our AI tool analyzes and improves your documents to match specific job descriptions and industry standards.

  • Key Features: Includes keyword optimization, grammar and formatting checks, and personalized suggestions.

  • Suitability: Ideal for both recent graduates and seasoned professionals.


AI Interview Software Access

  • Enhanced Interview Skills: Practice with tailored technical and behavioral questions using our AI-powered software.

  • Customization: Choose from over 120 pre-built job positions or customize your experience.

  • Expert Questions: Includes industry-expert questions for roles from entry-level to senior management.


Job Application & Interview Tracker

  • Streamlined Management: Manage all your job applications and interview schedules in one place.

  • Efficiency: Ensure you stay on top of opportunities throughout your job hunt.


Visa Sponsorship Tracker

  • Automated Tracking: Identify job roles that offer visa sponsorship, including CPT, OPT, and H-1B, effortlessly.

  • International Support: Tailored specifically for international students and graduates, easing the job search process for US opportunities.


Interview Guarantee

  • If you don't secure 5 or more interviews within 90 days, Augment Jobs will provide an extra month of Job Application Automation and Networking Automation ($1,500 Value) for free. We're dedicated to supporting you until you find employment. For monthly installment billing, the timeline starts once the final payment is made. For upfront billing, the timeline starts at the beginning of purchase.


90 Day Job Guarantee

  • We guarantee job placement within 90 days of completing the program. If you don't secure a job, you'll get an 2 extra month of Job Application Automation and Networking Automation ($3,000 Value) for free. Resources and support remain available until you are employed. For monthly installment billing, the timeline starts once the final payment is made. For upfront billing, the timeline starts at the beginning of purchase.


Customer Support

24/7 Support: Access support through our Job Applications team, coaching network, mobile app, and operations team consultations.

Contact Options: Reach us at or connect with your Account Manager or Recruiter for assistance.

# of Interview Prep & Networking Sessions

Job Application Automation

Networking Automation


Payment Options

  1. One-time purchase: Pay upfront with Credit Card, Debit Card, Google Pay, ApplePay, PayPal, Venmo, ACH, Wire Transfer, or Crypto. (10% Discount)
  2. PayPal financing: Pay monthly installments over 1-2 years as low as $130/month. See details below. 


Financing Through PayPal:

  • How to Apply:
    1. Click "one-time purchase" above.
    2. Choose PayPal or PayLater at checkout.
    3. Note that the interface will intitial show the full cost of the package but you will NOT be charged this once you go to the PayPal interface 
  • Approval: Financing options will appear in the PayPal interface if approved. If you don't see financing options, you are not approved.
  • Costs: The first month payment is the down payment.
  • First Monthly Payment: Due at sign-up.
  • Discount: A 10% one-time purchase discount still applies.

Refunds, Rebates and Cancellations:​​

The service can be canceled, paused, or discontinued at any time at the discretion of the client. The most common case is when a client secures a job offer before ultilizing their entire package. A refund and/or rebate of 50% of the unavailved services will be issued within 30 days of cancellation.

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