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Venture Accelerator (Powered by Iron Key Capital)



Venture Accelertor (Powered by Iron Key Capital) includes:
8-Week Venture Education Curriculum

  • Iron Key Capital runs an 8 week crash course in angel investing and venture capital, taught by VCs. Iron Key focuses on all the soft skills required in Venture Capital, the different backdoors into the industry, and the levers that you can pull to increase your chances of success. The course also includes best practices on diligence and sourcing tactics for angel investing. All fellows get to contribute and participate in real deals through Iron Key Capital's syndicate upon graduation from the course.

Lifetime Investment Committee Seat

  • All Iron Key members get access to our investment committee for life. This includes deal flow, a deal sourcing calendar, and investor relationships that serve as the foundation of your VC network. You can share deals, participate in diligence, earn carried interest, and work with other investors working on real investments.

Lifetime Founder / Investor Community Access

  • Explore off-market startup opportunities, network with our founders, and chat with our angel investor community.

1-Year Venture Capital Job Board Access

  • Iron Key and Augment Jobs recommends VC jobs to you based on your preferences and provides a job tracker. This continuously updates as new jobs enter our ecosystem. This will be active for 1 Year.

Investor Resume Revision

  • Iron Key and Augment Jobs reviews your resume, checks it against our internal ATS, and corrects the resume. The resume is available in Word and PDF format for future edits and is uploaded to the Augment Jobs Platform.

Venture Capital Job Tracker

  • Iron Key and Augment Jobs provide a custom VC interface for you based on your preferences, provides a job tracker, and an interaction log to keep track of each recruiting process our clients undergo. This continuously updates as new jobs enter our ecosystem.

150 Venture Capital Job Application Submissions

  • Iron Key and Augment Jobs focus on quality, not quantity, including warm intros when possible. Augment Jobs partners with Iron Key to submit 50 tailored VC job applications on behalf of the client including tailored cover letter submissions.

8-Week Venture Externship

  • Work with and shadow real VCs working on real deals. Some responsibilities can include founder discovery calls, financial modeling, diligence, and more.

5 Venture Capital Networking & Interview Prep Sessions

  • 1x1 calls (30-minute calls) with full time professionals in Venture Capital. Iron Key and Augment have an extensive network of VCs, recruiters, and investors that our members can leverage. These professionals can help you network at multiple startups and VCs by introducing you to other professionals and/or giving a direct referral to improve interview opportunities. They are able to help candidates with interview prep in their specific sector as well.

Paid Startup Consulting Opportunities

  • Fellows can pursue consulting contracts with Iron Key’s deal flow pipeline. Iron Key members have the ability to be staffed on new consulting engagements

Customer Support

  • Receive white-glove customer support directly in the community portal with a calendar to book with our full-time customer support team.

Payment Options

1. Upfront Payment: $7,500 via Credit Card, Bank Transfer, or Crypto.

2. Pay Pay 2-Year Financing (22% Interest): $402/month on PayPal.

3. Pay 50% installment deposit to reserve seat in the next cohort. Then pay the second installment halfway through the course.

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