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Terms & Conditions

Augment Jobs Agreement

This letter of agreement sets forth the terms and conditions of the relationship between Mobius, LLC  located at

53 Perimeter Center East, Atlanta, GA 30346. (Thereafter referred to as "Augment Jobs"), and the purchaser of Augment Jobs Services (hereafter referred to as “the client”).

WHEREAS, Augment Jobs is engaged in the business of interview preparation services and job application submission services


Services Overview:

  • ATS-Optimized Resume Revisions

    • Augment Jobs reviews the resume, checks it against our internal ATS, and corrects the resume. The resume is available in word and PDF format for future edits and is uploaded to the Augment Jobs  Platform.

  • Candidate Staffing Registration

    • Augment Jobs submits your resume, job preferences and contact information to dozens of employment agencies to accelerate your job search and land you more interviews at active hiring mandates.

  • Networking Automation 

    • Automated LinkedIn messaging and InMails outreach to hiring decision makers and recruiters. Augment Jobs is able to send 300 messages per month and 100 connection requests per week. Augment identifies and reaches out to the relevant hiring managers and recruiters. This also comes with a LinkedIn Revision, Custom Job Alerts, and a LinkedIn Premium Subscription for up to 3 months. ​

  • Job Application Submissions

    • Augment Jobs submits entire job applications on behalf of the client including tailored cover letter submissions.

  • Networking & Interview Prep Sessions

    • 1x1 calls (30-minute calls) with full time professionals in sectors/industries of choice. Augment Jobs has 100+ coaches in the network and mixing and matching professionals are encouraged. These professionals can help you network at multiple companies by introducing you to other professionals and/or giving a direct referral to improve interview opportunities. They are able to help candidates with interview prep in their specific sector as well.

  • LinkedIn Revision

    • An Augment Jobs recruiter will help the client revise the LinkedIn profile and set job alerts on LinkedIn. Augment Jobs will ensure the LinkedIn is complete and set the job alerts on behalf of the client's job search. 

  • Access to Personalized Job Board 

    • ​​Augment Jobs recommends jobs to you based on your preferences, provides a job tracker, and provides an interaction log to keep track of each recruiting process our clients undergo. This continuously updates as new jobs enter our staffing platform.  ​

  • Access to Practice Interview Software 

    • Choose from over 120 different job positions and a wide variety of options to custom-tailor an interview for your exact needs. The algorithm generates a new interview every time using curated questions from industry professionals. There are over 10,000 practice questions and a course on how to ace professional interviews. 


Career Packages

  • Career Starter: $1,500 (150/month with AfterPay)

  • Career Accelerator: $4,500 ($234/month with PayPal)

  • Career Solution: $9,000 ($467/month with PayPal)

A La Carte Services

  • Resume Revision price is $100.

  • Networking Automation price is $2,000.

  • Candidate Staffing Registration is $200.

  • Access to Personalized Job Board price is $200.

  • Access to Interview Practice Software price is $100.

  • One-on-One Networking Session price is $100/session.

  • Job Application Submissions start at $600.

Contract Terms

Product Billing Options:

The client can pay by ACH, bank wire, or credit card. Please note that there is a 3% processing fee if the purchase is made via credit card. Augment Jobs offers interest-free payment plans for customers to ensure access for people of varying financial circumstances.​​​

Banking Information (ACH/WIRING)

Mobius, LLC

Account Number: 202442483453

Routing Number: 091311229

Address: 53 Perimeter Center East, Atlanta, GA 30346

Refunds and Cancellations:​​

There is a 3-month minimum commitment for every engagement. After this period, the service can be canceled, paused, or discontinued at any time at the discretion of the client. The client is financially responsible for the services rendered in addition to 50% of the unused services at the time of cancellation. A refund of the remaining balance owed to the client will be issued within 90 days of the cancellation. 


Job Guarantee:

A 50% site credit on job application submissions and one-on-one networking sessions is issued to help the client land a job if the client does not receive a promotion, accept a new opportunity, or receive a full-time job over $100,000 total compensation within the allotted time of the guarantee. Note the services on the existing package must be rendered by the client 30 days before guarantee timeline for the guarantee to be valid.

Quality Assurance:

All coaching sessions are recorded for quality assurance and job recommendations are shared with the client. The client has an opportunity to rate how each session went at the end of the call. The client can approve or disapprove job recommendations. 

Customer Support:

Customers can book career consultations at any time on our platform to speak to our full-time customer support team.


Augment Jobs agrees to keep client information confidential.



There is up to a $500 discount on any package if the client successfully refers a candidate to work with Augment Jobs. Note that Augment Jobs has final discretion on whom it accepts as a client.

Length of Working Relationship

All Augment Jobs packages have a 12-month contract period.​

Independent Contractor

The parties acknowledge that Augment Jobs will perform its services as an independent contractor. Nothing contained herein shall be construed to create an agency relationship between the client and Augment Jobs.

Honor Code

The client must represent themselves candidly when working with Augment Jobs. Integrity and honesty are critical to our business.

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